OK, here we’re going to talk about something familiar to most truckers, ratchet straps, as you can see, there are two words, ratchet and straps, and you guessed right, the ratchet straps are assembly of ratchets and webbing, what about cam buckle straps? yeah, they are cam buckles with straps! Relatively weak, the cam straps are most seen inside box trucks and on passenger cars. Ratchets are another story, the hardware is pretty strong, and due to it’s mechanism, the ratchet can be pretty small and fairly large, you will be able to find 1”-4” ratchets around, and the breaking strength can be as weak as a few hundred LBS to as strong as 16,2000 LBS, it’s pretty versatile compare to all other truck tie downs.

It is estimated that 80% trucks are box trucks, and the e track tie down system is just for semi trailers, so e track straps are most popular cargo straps. And these straps are not as strong as the one we use on flatbed truck, the working load limit of typical e track straps is 1,000lbs, with minimum breaking strength of 3,000lbs. The working load limit of 2’ e track straps are lower than other 2” truck straps, this is because the truck wall will provide support for the load and prevent the load from moving if stacked properly, but you still need to make sure the load in your truck are secured properly and the way to secure them are appropriate.

As per cargo securement standard, the design factor of ratchet assembly is 3:1, which means that the breaking strength of the tie down is 3 times of the working load limit, this indicates a relatively forgiving work environment, on the other hand the design factor of transport chains is 4:1, which indicates the chains will be better suited for tough conditions, such as very high/low temperature, moisture, while the aforementioned truck straps are only for normal conditions.

The truck straps usually made from polyester, which has low elongation and less elastic, which is ideal for tie down truck load, since we don’t want the load on the truck bed to move or budge. When making tie down straps, manufacturer has to follow certain guidelines and pass DOT inspection, this means all the straps made for tie down purpose have to meet all the requirements imposed by FMCSA(Federal Motor Carrier Safety Agency) and follow the guideline of WSTDA and ASTM.

It’s important to use ratchet straps, it’s more important is how we can get high quality yet low cost cargo straps, if you have to high price just to get some sort of quality while others can get low cost yet high quality straps, your business will suffer due to high cost. So ratchet strap won’t release to get even with all other bargain hunters, you will need go online to do some research, or ask your fellow truckers that where do they get their seemingly nice yet low cost straps.