As MLM consultants, we are often asked which MLM software to recommend.

Recently, a client asked what I think of NetSteps as a solution to migrate their small and growing MLM enterprise. These thoughts are intended to direct the reader to some of the key issues we wrangle with in starting and running successful MLM enterprises.

An apparent advantage of NetSteps seems to be that they see their pedigree as a web and marketing design firm, responsive to user demands, with extreme focus on MLM (and home party plan) distributor needs and uses. They come at it from almost a purely distributor point of view, with the added benefits (certainly not secondary in their importance) of strong business tools to support the infrastructure and tied to MRP, as needed. In Best MLM Software , Jenkon has been transitioning in this regard, with primary emphasis on corporate function first, and a robust interface for distributor use close behind. This is in no small part a simple result of decades of evolution into an “iGeneration” and in no way a strategic flaw in Jenkon origins when it launched in 1978.

Philosophically, I’m grounded in viewing a client’s solution (whatever route you choose) as a distributor-centric application. This is because every single distributor views (right or wrong) the business truly as their business–as their right–to have exactly everything they need. When you come up short, they hold back (or leave) as they have such high expectations (not to mention too often unrealistic). But, align systems to their fullest advantage and set up methods for them to give you their requests (remember, to them it is THEIR business), and they reward you with loyalty and productivity.

To this end, one of the recent presentations I saw from NextWave was probably the best MLM software I’ve seen in the realm of a truly “distributor-centric” solution. NextWave is not a proven solution to me (which simply means that I’ve not yet worked with a client who uses it), mainly because it’s new on the scene relative to Jenkon, but NextWave is also one that I’m keeping an eye on. Same goes for Thatcher. My comfort level keeps climbing with NetSteps who has successfully completed the Scentsy transition. NetSteps is quickly becoming the “go-to” guys for MLM companies that launch with “off-the-shelf” solutions IDSTC, ByDesign, and Others.

I need to get updated with Jenkon and find out what they really mean when they say that they are and SQL. They have solid integrity, so I’m willing to say that their integration and use of these language and database solutions has real purpose and is not “smoke and mirrors” to bring Jenkon into the second decade of this century. It’s just a matter of how they are using it. My guess is that it’s their hosted solution (as opposed to their work-horse legacy application which originally written in PIC and evolved from there). If I remember right, the hosted MLM software solution is J6, and the legacy work horse is Summit V. I’m rusty on the Jenkon offerings, but it does not indicate a lack of respect for their sheer number of miles and refinements that it brings. With the most number of successful installations under their belt (I’ve heard as many as 800+), one has to pay close attention. And, they have clients who are very happy with them.