While general practitioners can help patients maintain healthy lifestyles, orthopedic doctors are more suited to handle chronic pain or injuries in bones, joints, or nerves. In a nutshell, these specialists treat conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system. They address everything from minor bone breaks to much more debilitating diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Some physicians even specialize in specific areas of the musculoskeletal system, and their experience could help alleviate your symptoms or cure your condition.

What Do Orthopedic Doctors Treat

The musculoskeletal system is vast, and medical professionals who focus on this area can better diagnose and treat certain diseases. An example is fibromyalgia. This chronic pain condition affects the soft tissues, muscles, and surrounding joints. It is a common illness, affecting between two and four percent of the population. While there is little known about the disease, these specialists are equipped to help you control the symptoms and pain.

Another little-known disorder best treated by a musculoskeletal physician is Kyphosis. orthopedic port st lucie with Kyphosis suffer from humpback appearance. The curvature of the upper spine measures 50 degrees or greater. Typically, it is caught in childhood and treated with braces, observation, or even surgery.

If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, you need treatment to reduce the pain, tingling, and numbness. This disorder occurs when the median nerve is compressed as it goes through the carpal tunnel in the wrist. It occurs from repetitive movements, joint disease, blood level changes, and other injuries. You may be able to alleviate the pain with splints and medication, but in some cases surgery is the only option.

Of course, these specialists handle fractures. If you go to the emergency room after breaking a bone, the staff will make sure the bone is set as best they can and then stabilize the break with splints and ace wraps. At this point, they will refer you to a more qualified professional. An orthopedist will reset the bones to help ensure that the injury heals properly. In some instances, they have to perform surgery, adding pins or grafts to help proper healing.

When to See Orthopedic Doctors

With many of these conditions, it is hard to determine when to see a specialist or a general care physician. If you have any trauma to a bone, joint, or tendon, your first choice should be to go to a specialist. If you are having chronic pain, you should start with a doctor and see if they refer you to a specialist.